The Jeffersonian is Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s independent, student-run newspaper based in San Diego, California. It serves as a platform for law students to express opinions and share information about local & national events as they currently pertain to the practice of law and the education of future lawyers.

Our goal is to inform the readers of the Jeffersonian about global affairs as well as those in our own communities in Southern California. We believe that the best News platforms are diligent, unbiased, and serve no one but their readers.




Editor-in-Chief: Rashida Gordon

Editor-in-Chief: Geronimo Gutierrez IV

Staff Editor: Phillip Cavello

Staff Editor: Kammarie Clark

Social Media Director: Thea Jaucian


Thea Jaucian moved with her family to Los Angeles, CA from Manila, Philippines at the age of 11. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia Journalism from San Diego State University (Class of ’17). As an undergrad, she acquired hands-on training in TV News & Online Media operations while interning for CW Channel 6 and One America News Network. Her legal interest in Intellectual Property Law is significantly influenced by her passion for current affairs and digital storytelling. On campus, she is an Intellectual Property Law Fellow and an active member of the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association.

In her free time, Thea enjoys being a Poodle Ma, shopping with family & friends, and discovering new fishing grounds with her boyfriend. In 2015, she spent five weeks traversing through Europe where she expanded her international perspective (& palate!). She is fluent in Tagalog, Bicol, English, and highly-proficient in Spanish. She hopes to inspire others to put the ‘cute’ in execute, seize opportunities, and believe in the power of their dreams. 

Staff Writer: Naomi Butler


Ms. Naomi “Gnomes” Butler is originally from the Yakama Indian Reservation in the State of Washington. Her mother is Native American and her father is Scottish/Irish. She has lived on the Reservation for 16 years until deciding to move away.

Ms. Butler’s interests are in advocacy for human rights, family law, and diversity issues. She also considers herself to be a humanitarian and equal rights advocate. Growing up where and how she did allowed her to deal with issues of poverty, cultural differences, race discrimination, and social injustice. All of which have geared her towards wanting to make change for those in most need.

Ms. Butler is a mother to 4 children and recently (2016) married. Writing has always been one of her favorite past times and she finds it to be a very powerful way to get voices heard that otherwise may not get the chance.

Staff Writer: Tamra Dicus

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Tamra L. Dicus, is a lover of all things intellectual property, and is from Alexandria, Virginia by way of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.  Ms. Dicus is a federal government civil servant, protector of patents, an author, and founder and principal of California Is Me (see www.caliisme.com).

Featured info found here:http://www.blackenterprise.com/education/how-i-did-it-tamra-l-dicus-chemical-engineer/  and here: http://www.nacme.org/engineered-stories-for-you