What We Are About

The Jeffersonian is a platform for law students to express their opinions and share information about current local and national events as they pertain to the practice of law and the education of future lawyers.

Our goal is to inform the readers of the Jeffersonian about events around the world as well as those in our very own backyards. We seek to preserve the decorum of integrous journalism. The best newspapers are diligent, unbiased, and serve no one but the readers and the general public.

Through the Jeffersonian, students of law are empowered to be an active voice for the legal community by advocating the legal subjects they are passionate about.

Who We Are

The Jeffersonian is an independent, student run newspaper. All editing staff members and staff writers are students that are currently enrolled at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. As such, the opinions expressed by the writers may not be the opinion of the Jeffersonian, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, or its affiliates.


Editor-in-Chief: Naomi M. Butler


Ms. Naomi “Gnomes” Butler is originally from the Yakama Indian Reservation in the State of Washington. Her mother is Native American and her father is Scottish/Irish. She has lived on the Reservation for 16 years until deciding to move away.

Ms. Butler’s interests are in advocacy for human rights, family law, and diversity issues. She also considers herself to be a humanitarian and equal rights advocate. Growing up where and how she did allowed her to deal with issues of poverty, cultural differences, race discrimination, and social injustice. All of which have geared her towards wanting to make change for those in most need.

Ms. Butler is a mother to 4 children and recently (2016) married. Writing has always been one of her favorite past times and she finds it to be a very powerful way to get voices heard that otherwise may not get the chance.

Senior Managing Operations Editor: Dianne Francisco Quindiagan


Ms. Dianne Francisco Quindiagan is proud to call the Bay Area home where she also attended San Jose State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Growing up in a traditional Filipino home, her parents made certain that she would not forget about her culture and instilled in her the value of an education. From the age of seven, she knew that she wanted to attend law school and serve as a bridge between the legal system and the community. Her goal is to use her educational background to help others overcome challenges and to give the voiceless a voice.

Ms. Francisco Quindiagan has the honor of serving as clerk for PAD Franklin Chapter. She joined the Fraternity during her first year at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and served as a 1L representative before quickly earning the position of Director of Publicity. She is also on the editorial board of The Jeffersonian, her law school’s newspaper.

Community outreach has always been of great importance to Ms. Francisco Quindiagan. She regularly volunteers at her school’s Veterans’ Self-Help Clinic and at San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program’s legal clinic in Hillcrest.

Graphic Design Editor: Larry Tran


Larry Tran is as Californian as an Avocado. He was born in San Jose and raised in Los Angeles.  He obtained his bachelor’s degree from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).  He has resided in California his entire life.

Mr. Tran dreamed of attending law school after he was involved in his first auto collision at the age of sixteen.  He commuted to intern at a law office in Los Angeles while taking classes in Santa Barbara.  In preparation for law school, he worked in the collision industry for ten years.  Mr. Tran was a Senior Claims Adjuster for several insurance carriers.  He was a Lead Estimator for several auto collision repair centers.  He was a Subrogation Adjuster for a rental car company.  He owned an insurance brokerage.

Mr. Tran’s legal interests are class action lawsuits, personal injury, police misconduct, discrimination, mediation, and product liability.  Mr. Tran’s personal interests include mixed-martial arts, anime, video games, cars, fine vegan cuisine, traveling, ramen, and dance.

Social Media Manager: Harold Pickmans (Currently unavailable)

Social Media Intern: Thea Jaucian


Thea Jaucian moved with her family to Los Angeles, CA from Manila, Philippines at the age of 11. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia Journalism from San Diego State University (Class of ’17). As an undergrad, she acquired hands-on training in TV News & Online Media operations while interning for CW Channel 6 and One America News Network. Her legal interest in Intellectual Property Law is significantly influenced by her passion for current affairs and digital storytelling. On campus, she is an Intellectual Property Law Fellow and an active member of the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association.

In her free time, Thea enjoys being a poodle Ma, shopping with family & friends, and discovering new fishing grounds with her boyfriend. In 2015, she spent five weeks traversing through Europe where she expanded her international perspective (& palate!). She is fluent in Tagalog, Bicol, English, and highly-proficient in Spanish. She hopes to inspire others to put the ‘cute’ in execute, seize opportunities, and believe in the power of their dreams. 

Senior Advisor: Christina Tran 


As a San Diego native, Ms. Christina Tran stayed close by while she earned her Bachelor of Arts and Applied Sciences in Public Administration from San Diego State University. At Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Ms. Tran is an active member of her class, serving as the Student Bar Association’s Director of Public Relations/Editor-in-Chief, Secretary for the International Law Society, and Director of Academics for Phi Alpha Delta.

In addition to wearing these many hats, Ms. Tran is deeply invested in mentoring and growing her fellow cohorts. As a legal writing teaching assistant, Ms. Tran devotes her time to help first year law students develop the necessary skills to write successfully in a legal environment. She finds this job rewarding as her goal is to contribute back to the Thomas Jefferson community that has given so much to her.

Staff Editor: Naira Davtyan (Currently unavailable)

Staff Editor: Amanda Martin (No biography available)

Staff Writer: Zana “Z” Williams


Zana Williams grew up in Oklahoma. Once she graduated from high school, she attended and graduated from Oral Roberts University. Zana currently operates as a Political Consultant specializing in Public Relations Branding. Zana also enjoys serving as a volunteer high school mock trial coach for local schools.

Staff Writer: Ruby Fa’agau


Ms. Ruby Uasami “Fanaika” Fa’agau is a Tongan, Samoan, Fijian law student in San Diego who is getting ready to graduate in December of 2017.  She is first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, and soon to be first-generation law school graduate.  In other words, she is blessed.

Her interest in advocacy is shaped by her hometown of San Francisco, and her pacific islander heritage (Polynesian and Melanesian).  She believes that tolerance and responsibility are great allies.  She co-founded Pasifika Law Students at TJ which is the founding chapter of the United States.  This student organization welcomes all students, and it raises awareness about ocean and pacific islander issues.

She served as president for NALSA (Native American Law Students Association) for two years, past board member for WLA, ACS, NLG, DTP, OUTLaw, and past member of La Raza, APALSA, SLS, ELS, IPLA.  Ruby is a typical islander law student who thrives in a strong community.

Ruby plans to bring her interest in community and talent for connecting with others into the sports field.  Having two Fanaika nephews in the NFL, additional nephews coming through the NFL Polynesian Pipeline, and having strong ties to the Tongan and Samoan communities, Ruby is a great candidate for advocacy in sports law.

Staff Writer: Arax Aslanyan (Currently unavailable)

Staff Writer: Shanty Asher


Shanty Sigrah Asher is the oldest of 7 siblings, blessed with amazing parents, Deborah and Sankey, from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). She was born and raised on the islands and will forever be proud of that. She, her husband, and their daughters have resided in San Diego since 2015 so that she can pursue a degree in International Law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Staff Writer: Jessica Dance


Jessica is an avid member of CLIMB, PILF, La Raza, BLSA, and IPLA. If that doesn’t keep her busy enough she is also a Criminal Law Fellow and an Intellectual Property Law Fellow, and the current Torts I & II teaching assistant.

Jessica constantly has her hands in events and Orgs around her school as she feels education is important in the growing and learning process and loves to give back in any way that she can. She is always happy and smiling and her personality shines as brightly as she does! However, she is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for those that need help.

Staff Writer: Amed Mullins


Amed Mullins is originally from Tennessee, but traded the gentle rolling hills for the snow-capped mountains of Utah in 2012 before moving to San Diego for law school. As an English major, and political science minor, she has done almost everything not involving her degree. From laying hardwood floors to graduating from the police academy in 2014. All of these experiences have made her an extremely versatile individual with a beautiful color palette from which to paint her law school experience. Growing up in both, the rural places and the big cities, her hobbies include anything involving the outdoors (backpacking, fishing, hunting, and snowboarding).

Locally, Amed is a proud member of several cycling clubs, poetry groups, Lawyers Club of San Diego, and the LGBT Task-force. She aspires to go into intellectual property law, however, she wants to continue where her experience in law enforcement left off advocating for women and children. When she’s not cycling around town or in the library, she’s busy being a poodle parent or looking for a new adventure which almost certainly involves searching out healthy places to eat. She is a proud member of the LGBT community, somewhat closeted foodie, and serial optimist for this beautiful planet we call Earth.

Staff Writer: Rashida Gordon (Currently unavailable)

Staff Writer: Tamra Dicus

Tam bday 42 pic drowned out background

Tamra L. Dicus, is a lover of all things intellectual property, and is from Alexandria, Virginia by way of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.  Ms. Dicus is a federal government civil servant, protector of patents, an author, and founder and principal of California Is Me (see www.caliisme.com).

Featured info found here:http://www.blackenterprise.com/education/how-i-did-it-tamra-l-dicus-chemical-engineer/  and here: http://www.nacme.org/engineered-stories-for-you

Staff Writer: Jillian Connery

Jillian Connery grew up and lived in a suburb of Boston Massachusetts for 22 years before moving to California for law school. Before attending law school she got her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. She loves the San Diego weather, is a proud and obsessed dog mom, and unapologetically nerdy.

The youngest of three siblings she was taught from a young age to stand up for herself and others when something is not right. This idea was enhanced when she spent the last year of her undergraduate career researching and writing a thesis on college sexual assault. Jillian is a member of the Mock Trial Team and finds her participation on the team to be one of the best parts of her law school experience.

It is one of her goals to use her psychology and legal education to connect the two fields and teach others how much the two topics overlap. She wants to focus her legal career on helping victims on sexual assault and domestic violence. Jillian plans to pursue an additional degree after law school and get her Masters in Forensic Psychology.

Staff Writer: Robyn Lange


Robyn Lange is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. She came with her parents, and has a younger sister. Since coming to the United States, Robyn has lived in different parts of Southern California but currently resides in rural San Diego. Robyn plans to remain in San Diego after graduating with her law degree.

Robyn has known that she wanted to be a lawyer since she was 4 years old. Her future plans include working in criminal, corporate or civil litigation fields.

Outside of the legal community, Robyn enjoys being physically active. Robyn has been on a soccer team since the age of 5 and continues her love of the sport by being part of an adult indoor soccer league. She loves camping, hiking and dirt bike riding. She is very social and loves to be around fun, energetic people — Especially if they own a pet (a dog or cat makes it even better!) Robyn is also proud of her Jewish heritage and actively participates in cultural events.