The Rise of the Far-Right and the End of the Democratic Party

By Hiren Suresh Bakrania, Staff Editor, 2L

The 2016 presidential election was a total bloodbath. The Democrats have suffered one of the worst political defeats in modern times. The Republicans have done major damage to the liberal Left, which has shattered the Democratic Party, and their bloody rampage is not over yet. The Republicans have taken over the White House with the stunning victory of Donald Trump, which has left liberals flabbergasted as to how such a thing could have occurred. Decades of pandering to far-right extremism has led to the rise of Donald Trump and the Alt-Right; and I’m sad to say, they have won. Trump and his Alt-Right supporters have only one goal: the total destruction of every liberal private and public institution in America that wreaks of liberal culture and values.

This is the king of all political massacres. The Right intends to completely control America’s judicial and political system. Out of the 852 congressionally authorized judicial positions available, 103 vacant positions are up for grabs for Donald Trump to appoint at the federal trial and appellate court level. In comparison, President Obama inherited only fifty-four vacancies from President George W. Bush. Breathe for a second because it is about to get even worse. At the state level, the Republicans wrecked the Democrats. The 2016 elections resulted in Republicans now having command of sixty-eight out of one hundred state legislatures. Out of those states, the Republicans fully control both houses in thirty-three state legislatures; i.e., in both state house and senate. Also, in the gubernatorial elections, the result there landed three more seats to Republicans giving them thirty-three out of fifty-five governorships. Republicans now also control both houses of Congress at Capitol Hill where they can rubberstamp President Trump’s far-right agenda for America. The Supreme Court has also been lost as it will potentially result in a future six-to-three court in favor of the conservatives. The late honorable Justice Antonin Scalia will be replaced, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ripe old age of eighty-three has those on the Left worried that she too could be replaced by a Trump candidate. This catastrophic result means that the Republicans are now set to utterly dismantle every liberal victory that has been achieved in the last fifty years.

Liberals are so outraged that they have hit the streets in violent protest. The real question we should be asking is why did the liberal Democrats lose so badly? How in the world did a candidate with no political experience and who has done nothing but make outrageous statements get elected? This is a question that liberals do not really want to answer. This epic loss has unmasked the Democratic Party as to what it really is. It is an elitist party composed of mild liberals. It is a corporatist party that only pretends to fight for economic equality and social justice. For example, several manufacturing states in the Rust Belt that were formerly Democratic strongholds went over to the Republicans in this election because the Democrats were too cowardly to tell the corporations not to ship jobs overseas. But guess who is doing that now? Yup, you guessed it, Donald Trump. He has already threatened corporations with a penalty if they ship jobs overseas—something that President Barack Obama would never do. President Obama, the Clintons, and the “establishment” Democratic politicians represent what is called the “New Democrats.” The “New Democrats” first emerged in the late 1980s, standing for neo-liberal economic policies that favor the corporations and political-centrism, not true left-wing liberalism.

Liberals have to accept the reality that there really has never been a true liberal presidency in the history of the United States. All our so-called “liberal presidents” have either been corporatists or political centrists. Liberals will need to understand that average citizens do not like career politicians no matter how qualified they may be. These career Democratic politicians have done nothing to help the average liberal voter. Liberals are going to have to start re-understanding what it means to be “liberal” because few understand what that means anymore. Being liberal cannot just be about demanding government-issued condoms, weed, or abortion. The only noticeable and recent liberal victory was the Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) decision that gave same-sex couples the right to marry. This was a lucky victory for President Obama who was gifted two openings in the Supreme Court during his presidency. Other than that, the Democratic Party has done nothing else to fight for the liberal cause. They complain about Trump, but the Democratic Party has no concrete vision of their own for America and they constantly compromise on their liberal beliefs and values in order to appease corporate America and the conservatives. They have no backbone; they are all talk and no action. Perhaps it is time for new leadership and the rise of a true liberal movement that will actually fight against social injustice, income inequality, and the rising tide of far-right extremism.

But the thing that has blindsided liberals the most is the political power that has emerged from the far-right of the political spectrum. This new menacing force has catapulted Trump to power, and liberals turn their eyes from it. How can liberals fight back when they will not even acknowledge the enemy? The Alt-Right, as they are called, is a neo-Nazi ideological movement that has spread on the internet like a cancer with its “Pepe the Frog” memes and its vile influence has already contaminated much of conservative America. The Alt-Right represents white nationalism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia, anti-liberalism, anti-feminism, blatant racism, and “alternative facts.” Now, some conservatives actually like their beliefs, but found it too extreme for mainstream America, so they kept the same racist beliefs minus the neo-Nazi white nationalism; i.e., minus the swastikas and white hoods. The Alt-Right refers to this new offshoot as the “The Alt-Light” who attempts to take these far-right neo-Nazi beliefs of the Alt-Right and heavily water it down; i.e., make it more acceptable for a wider conservative audience. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in doing that. We see the Alt-Light politics manifest itself in the forms of conservative news sources, such as Breitbart, Fox News, Rebel Media, online YouTube personalities who create racist and Islamophobic videos for young Millennials and older conservatives, conservative radio hosts (who dominate the airwaves), or as polarizing political trolls like Milo Yiannopoulos, Stephen Bannon the former media executive at Breitbart, some of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, and in our new president, Donald Trump himself.

This neo-right-wing movement is deeply xenophobic, Islamophobic, and aggressively anti-liberal. They believe that liberals are attempting to commit what they believe is “white genocide” (a neo-Nazi term) by allowing more and more non-white immigrants to enter America and other Western nations. They believe that “white genocide” is also occurring because of left-wingers who propagate liberal ideas, such as multiculturalism, racial and ethnic diversity, tolerance for Muslim immigration to the United States, and liberal ideology being taught at college campuses across the United States. The far-right has been complaining about liberals and liberal ideas for a long time now, and finally they have achieved the necessary political victories to completely destroy the hard won victories of liberalism. This fear-mongering stems from the reality that demographics in the Western world are changing rapidly. In the United States non-whites are now about twenty-five to thirty percent of the population. As of 2014, California became the first state where whites were no longer the majority. By 2060, it is predicted that whites will no longer be the dominating race in the United States. Muslim populations are already in the twenty to thirty percent range in some European nations. Additionally, with the terrorist attacks and migrant crises occurring in places like the U.K., France, Italy, Germany, and Sweden, this has only increased the level of far-right hysteria that promotes the belief that Muslim and African immigrants are a serious problem that could one day lead to the end of the white European race. As a result, we are now seeing the rise of far-right extremist political parties all across Europe. This far-right reactionism to liberalism, liberal culture, and to the influx of non-white immigrants to Western nations culminated in a similar reaction in the U.S. with the rise of Trump and the growing power of the Alt-Right.

The injuries that the Right has inflicted upon the Left here in America have only begun to unravel. The far-right has taken over the Republican Party, and they plan on destroying everything that liberals believe in. If you thought Trump’s wall to keep out Hispanic immigrants is bad or a “Muslim Ban” on Middle Eastern immigrants is the worst of it, you have seen nothing yet. Trump’s rise is not about “draining the swamp” of plutocrats that actively try to keep Americans in a state of perpetual economic inequality; instead, it is about quashing liberalism everywhere. A lot of that liberalism can be found here in our beautiful and beloved liberal sanctuary of California. Get ready, Californians, we might end up being the last stand of liberal America.


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