Beach Life

By Naomi Butler, Staff Writer, 1L

One way of dealing with the amount of stress law school causes is by spending one day a week devoted just to oneself. For some people, this is one day a week where a person does absolutely no homework. For other students, this means a change of scenery for a single day. One thing that seems to be the consensus of many students is that the beach equates to relaxation. Given that one thing San Diego is famous for is its beaches (and of course, the weather), finding just the right beach can be a challenge, but also fun. Here are a few beaches in the area and what they have to offer.

Coronado Beach

838 Ocean Blvd, Coronado

This beach spreads out for miles; one side of the island has a beach that is completely pet friendly, while the other side is touristy. Coronado Beach is located on Coronado Island and has good waves for surfing, shops within walking distance, amazing food spots, and even art galleries. It offers a variety of things, such as painting classes with wine to a humane society. Coronado is a beach where  relax, surf, or just walk around and explore.

Silver Strand Beach

5000 Highway 75, Coronado

This beach opens at 7:00 a.m. year-round and offers parking with an all-day pass or in time blocks. This beach offers the convenience of camping (multi-day passes) and allows for people to bring their tent, boat, RV, jet-skis, and much more. The trailer/camper/motorhome size limit is forty feet; however, this does allow you to stay here as a weekend getaway and at a much cheaper price than any hotel. The daily parking rate is $8, which means a student could spend a weekend on the beach for a fee of $24. It also offers hiking trails, guided tours, fishing, surfing, picnic areas, swimming, and more.

Mission Beach

3146 Mission Blvd

This beach tends to pull in many more tourists, and one reason for this is that adjacent to it is Belmont Park, which offers family activities and fair/carnivallike foods, games, and rides. It also has sit-in restaurants and shops. Moments after parking in this lot, however, students would already be in the sand and next to the water. Though it would be fair to mention that many times, especially on weekends, this lot can be full. On the other side of the street is an overflow lot and a swimming and recreational area for picnics and play that also has a lot. Mission Beach has great waves for surfing, soft golden sands for relaxing, and even grassy areas for picnics. Another nice addition to this beach is that it is constantly patrolled by lifeguards.

La Jolla Shores

8300 Camino Del Oro

This beach is roughly a mile long and located in La Jolla. It also tends to have the gentlest waves (making it great for children and swimmers) and adjacent to this beach is the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve, which is a 6000-acre underwater park. This park contains two artificial reefs and is considered to be a marine refuge. The La Jolla Shores also offers scuba-diving classes and is a great place to explore marine life.

Windansea Beach

322 Nautilus St, La Jolla

This beach has some amazing waves, making it quite the attraction for surfers. The waves often crash into the rocks and the beach itself is known for its beautiful scenery and surf breaks that are created from underwater reefs. Many areas of this beach are rocky and steep, but walking down this beach for a few miles leads to amazing tide pools and some nice seashell finds. Also, the rocky terrain breaks into areas of sandy cave-like gaps in the rock that, during low tide, make for ideal areas to relax and enjoy the sun.

While San Diego offers many different types of beach experiences from Seaport Village (boardwalk, piers, and shops) to Children’s Pool (a small beach partially protected by a seawall with a fully protected swimming area), one thing is sure, the beaches of San Diego are a great place to relax, clear your head, and burn off some of the stress that comes from being a student of law.


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