Local Coffee Shop Review: Messhugah Shack Cafe

By Christopher Smith, Staff Editor, 3L

Located at:  East Village (Quartyard)

1188 Market Street (Corner of Park)

Open from 6am-5pm

http://www.meshuggahshack.com, @meshuggahshackatquartyard on Instagram, MeshuggahshackatQuartyard on Facebook

Most students are probably aware of the shipping container venue, Quartyard, located just a block from school on Market Street. What some may not be aware of is the coffee shop that sits in right in front of it, on the corner of Park & Market Street. This is the second location for Messhugah Shack which opened its first location in Mission Hills in 2010. If you’re waiting in line to get into an event at the Quartyard, or just need a quick pick me up between classes the friendly staff will help you choose from their quirky menu. However, be forewarned that with  menu items like the Messhugah Mensch (a Vietnamese coffee), fresh made smoothies, bagels, and cookies from the Cravory; it will be hard to choose. Another Jeffersonian staff favorite is the Sparkle Pony (a very sweet chai latte, made with your choice of milk, lavender syrup, whip cream and sparkles)

Currently they are open until 5pm, but shortly summer hours will be starting and they will stay open until 6pm. In addition the to to unique flavor of their drinks, the staff is awesome, the prices are fair, service is fast and they have the best music to dance to while you wait. All of their coffees and teas are available hot or iced, and for the lactose intolerant or vegetarian crowd almond, coconut and soy milk are available for a .50 upcharge.

The last thing that is noteworthy about this locally owned cafe is the owner is socially aware. This past January, Messhugah Shack attending the San Diego Women’s March and offered free coffee to everyone who joined them. Prior to this, the owner, John Bertsch, put up a sign around the Mission Hills location that read, “Syrians + Muslims + Mexicans + Immigrants + Everyone Are Welcome.” He put this sign up the day after the Presidential Election in order to show solidarity with the diverse community Meshuggah Shack serves.

(Mission Hills location)

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