The Innocent Bystanders

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About the Band:

The Innocent Bystanders don’t see innocence and wisdom as mutually exclusive. Two of them have tattoos. But that’s only the first thing you’ll notice about this band. The sound is Stax ’66, maybe just a little bit hotter. 90’s Ska churned with vintage Alfa Romeos and some terra cotta. Springsteen live, early ’74, but with a dash of Spector – pre-Joey post-Ronnie – at their core. Three of these cats were born in the ’80s and three in the ’60s. And the dude from the ’70s knows the words and secret chords to every song recorded since 1956. It’s been said that their lead singer takes casual to a whole new level. Oh, actually, there’s two lead singers, you’re thinking Balin and Slick, maybe Buckingham-Nicks? You wouldn’t be wrong . . . but hold the psychedelics and the syrup.

Primarily a live band, these guys have been playing parties and clubs in San Diego from your uncle’s backyard to Petco Park — Check them out at

 Upcoming Shows:

-December 17th, 2017 (A Christmas Sing-a-Long) (Euclid/Adams Ave/49th St. Traffic Circle in Talmadge) 3:30PM start

-January 14th at Winstons Beach Club in OB. 1921 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107 (6:00PM start)

-January 21st, at Navajo Live on 8515 Navajo Road, San Diego, with Limited Jurisdiction (Judge Dembin’s band) 6:00PM start.

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