New Beginnings and New Opportunities

By: Naomi Butler, 3L

New Beginnings and New Opportunities FD1I am filled with excitement and curiosity as the law school moves to its new location. I love new beginnings because they remind me of Spring, which also happens to be my favorite season. I love Spring because everything that the Winter killed has come back to life and new things are constantly beginning.

It is almost metaphorical for a clean slate. This makes me think of law in the fact that many times as client advocates, attorneys are often the ones helping with the clean slates and hitting reset on someone’s past.

While all of us have different backgrounds and experience, one thing we all have in common is an innate want or desire to practice law and advocate for someone or something. No matter the legal field, there is always a client, and we are always doing their bidding because we believe in them or want to see them succeed.

New Beginnings and New Opportunities FD2One thing I have experienced is that this law school is a community, and better still, a family. We have amazing student organizations, leaders, student led programs, and determination. I am proud to call TJSL a home, even if most of my time has been spent living in the library.


All jokes aside, I can’t wait to see what this new building has in store and what new adventures the location brings with it. With that, I want to say thank you to my fellow law students, professors, TJSL Staff, Faculty, and the TJSL Alumni for making this experience and a great one and I look forward to the next year!



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